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            Use of the advantages of FRP pipes
            Promulgator:admin Release time:2013/6/9 Read:5422Page

            1) good corrosion resistance, no water quality impacts:

            FRP pipe can resist acid, alkali, salt, water, untreated sewage, soil or groundwater corrosion and erosion of many chemical fluid. Than traditional tube's service life is long, its design is commonly 50 years service life. For sand glass fiber reinforced plastic pipeline, more is in the city, city pipeline network applications, since it has non-toxic, no rust, tasteless, no secondary pollution, no corrosion, water greatly extended service life, easy installation, etc, therefore, was welcomed by the water supply and drainage industry.

            2) antifouling decay resistance:

            Unsaturated polyester resin surface clean and smooth, not be sea or the armour bei, fungi microorganisms polluted in the sewage with cavity, so that increasing the roughness, and reduce the water section, increase maintenance costs. FRP pipe without the pollution, use clean for a long time. At the same time, due to its smooth inner wall, and has excellent corrosion resistance, won't produce scale and microbial breeding, effectively guarantee the water quality, maintain the stability of water resistance. The traditional pipe is water resistance increased and the surface phenomenon of fouling in the future.

            3) good heat resistance, frost resistance:

            Under - 30 ℃ condition, still has good toughness and high strength, can be in - 50 ℃ to 80 ℃ within the scope of use for a long time, the use of special formulation of the resin can also work at temperature above 110 ℃.

            4) light weight, high strength, transportation convenient installation:

            By sand production of filament winding FRP pipe, its proportion in the 1.65 to 2.0, only a quarter of the steel, but the glass steel pipe hoop tensile strength of 180-300 mpa, the axial tensile strength of 60-150 mpa, approximate alloy steel. Accordingly, its than strength (strength/weight) 2-3 times that of steel, so that it can be according to the different requirements of users, design to meet the requirements of all kinds of internal and external pressure of pipe. For the same pipe diameter of the single heavy, FRP pipe is only 1/2.5 of the carbon steel pipe (steel pipe), 1/3.5 of the cast iron pipe, prestressed reinforced concrete pipe around 1/8, so installation is very convenient transport. FRP pipe each section length is 12 meters, more than two-thirds of concrete pipe can reduce joint. Its socket connection mode, installation fast and convenient, reduces the lifting costs at the same time, raised the speed of the installation.

            5) low friction resistance, high transmission capacity:

            Glass steel pipe wall is very smooth, roughness and friction resistance is very small. Roughness coefficient is 0.0084, while the concrete pipe of the n value is 0.014, cast iron pipe is 0.013, as a result, the glass tube can significantly reduce the fluid pressure loss along the path, improve the transmission capacity. Therefore, can bring significant economic benefits:

            (1) in conveying ability at the same time, the project can choose smaller inner diameter of glass fiber reinforced plastic pipeline, thereby reducing the one-off projects;

            (2) with equal inner diameter of the pipe, glass fiber reinforced plastic pipeline than other materials to reduce head loss, saves the cost of pumping.

            (3) can shorten the pumping time, reduce long-term operation cost.

            6) electricity, thermal insulation,

            Non-conductors are glass fiber reinforced plastic, pipe of electric insulation, insulation resistance in Ω. 1012-1012 cm, most adapt to use in power transmission and telecommunications line concentration areas and more minefields; Glass fiber reinforced plastic heat transfer coefficient is small, only 0.23, is the 5 ‰, steel pipe heat preservation performance.

            7) good resistance to wear:

            Put the water contains a lot of mud, sand, into the pipe in the rotate wear affect contrast test. After 3 million times rotating test tube wall wear depth is as follows: using tar and enamel coating steel pipe is 0.53 mm, with epoxy resin and tar coating steel pipe is 0.52 mm, the surface hardening treatment of the steel tube is 0.48 mm, glass steel tube is 0.21 mm. This can explain the wear-resisting.

            8) low maintenance cost:

            Glass steel pipe due to the corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance and freeze resistance and dirt resistance, such as performance, so the project doesn't need to be rust, anti-fouling, insulation, heat preservation measures and maintenance, etc. Need for cathodic protection of buried tubes, can save the engineering maintenance costs by more than 70%. 9) adaptable:

            Glass steel pipe according to the user's specific requirements, such as different flow and different pressure, different buried depth and load situation, design and manufacture into different ranks and rigidity of the pipeline pressure.

            10) engineering long life, safe and reliable.

            According to the laboratory simulation test shows that FRP pipe service life up to more than 50 years.

            11) engineering comprehensive benefit good:

            Comprehensive benefits is to point to by the construction investment, installation and maintenance cost, service life, energy saving section steel formed by many factors such as long-term benefit and comprehensive benefit of FRP pipe is desirable, especially the pipe diameter, the greater the lower the cost. When further consideration of buried pipeline can be used for several generations, and without annual maintenance, more can play its superior comprehensive benefits.

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