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            Good staff selection notification
            Promulgator:admin Release time:2013/6/9 Read:5420Page

            To strengthen enterprise culture construction, encourage employees' professional spirit, cultivate and shape the employees' collective sense of honor and sense of mission, the enhancement enterprise centripetal force and cohesion, hope all employees' efforts. Will now choose work related issues notice is as follows:

            Award categories:

            Quarter of good staff

            Second, the selection criteria:

            1, strictly abide by the regulations of the company and pass the probation period, and sign the formal labor contract, and has kept working in this position for 3 months.

            2, wuxi, to work full of passion and confidence, has the good professional ethics and qualities, outstanding work performance.

            3, have good of the group are synergetic spirit, unity colleagues, ready to help others, don't care about personal gain and loss, with dedication.

            4, no late, leave early, no major disciplinary event.

            5, outstanding achievements in the work, is not a major liability accident, serious complaints without guest (a line), does not appear phenomenon finish the tasks assigned by the superiors, reported no criticism, less in ZunZhangShouJi and quality management problems, personal no major accidents.

            Third, the selection requirements:

            1, to each department staff selection is recommended for all departments on the basis of summing up the work of the staff, pay attention to the actual inspection, the best optimal, to judge a unity, choose style, choose level, concrete shall be carried out in accordance with the selection conditions for fair and just competition, ensure good employees deserve credit.

            Four, the selection methods:

            1, employees on the ballot, according to the principle of vote live the best optimum.

            2, staff attendance 50% proportion.

            3, the department manager and director of the candidates in each work record review according to related regulations, combined with the outcome of the vote and comprehensive evaluation of selected outstanding staff.

            Each department:

            In the past two quarters of 2013 years ago, the company each work have achieved gratifying results, emerged a large number of dedicated, diligent, conscientious, good staff. For example, the recognition for the company in the first half of 2013 excellent employees, have made remarkable achievements and motivation in the company all staff in the second half of each work record, further enhance the company's core competitiveness and the overall quality of employees, promote the company healthy and rapid development, the company decided to carry out in the first half of 2013 excellent employees to choose a job. Now is working and will select the relevant matters notice is as follows:

            A, the purpose of the campaign:

            Fully recognized employee performance, set up typical, commendation advanced, morale.

            Second, the selection of time:

            On June 6, 2013 - June 9, 2013

            Third, the selection principles and scope:

            In the first half of 2013 degree is one of the following circumstances, shall not participate in good staff evaluation:

            1, employees who work less than three months into the company;

            2, year accumulative total be late, leave early more than three times the employees;

            3, in internal cause illegal by the written warning or criticized more than once;

            Four, the selection criteria:

            1, good conduct, wuxi, proactive, has the good team cooperation spirit;

            2, model abide by the regulations of the company, play an exemplary role in daily work and life;

            3, good professional quality and skills, self-motivated, good at learning, play an important role on the post, well done job tasks;

            4, in the company operation and management, safety, energy saving, etc, actively put forward reasonable Suggestions, to create a good benefit or for the company made outstanding contribution in other ways.

            Five, the selection of places:

            2 sales department, production department 2 1 1, administration department, qc department, purchasing department 1 1 1, human resources, finance department, after-sales department 1, 1 maintenance gang, a quality of people.

            Six, the selection process:

            1, the selection work, led by company administration office organization, this department staff in each department for recommendations.

            2, department head of organization staff take democracy, public way, according to the criteria selected candidate out of the department.

            3, each department will recommend list on June 8 day shift and written material to company administration office.

            4. A list of candidates after audit company leadership agreed to publish one day.

            Seven, reward rules:

            1, all rated as outstanding staff of the personnel at this year's annual meeting will get material awards and honorary certificate.

            2, chosen a good employee representatives spoke at the annual meeting.

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